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A Unique Coloring Dial Watch


In this new iteration, we have significantly improved the watch case and stainless steel bracelet while preserving the distinctive characteristics of the HANG Series. The watch case and bracelet have undergone extensive mirror polishing, seamlessly extending the polished finish from the case to the bracelet, resulting in a more three-dimensional and cohesive overall aesthetic.

UNIQUE Coloring


The term "colouring" does not mean painting. It is a traditional technique that utilizes the corrosive nature of copper and brass.
Momentum Factory Orii has developed the traditional colouring technique, which could only be expressed on cast products, and has succeeded in colouring thin copper sheets of less than 1mm.

Special Edition

HAKUZA Inc. (Gold Leaf)

In the special edition, we combined Momentum factory Orii colouring technology and HAKUZA Inc.'s gold leaf, both of which are traditional crafts with a history of over a hundred years. You can feel the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design in our new watch.

Models of AN-HS01